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Now 2021 has drawn to a close, it's time for a look back at how the TrueAchievements community performed on the gaming front, with our

2021 Xbox Leaderboards .

You can find the index of the various leaderboards we have built here: Xbox Leaderboards for 2021.

We've included all the online achievements that everyone unlocked throughout the whole of 2021 . Offline achievements could not be included, as we couldn't be sure they were unlocked during the year.

Main Xbox & TrueAchievement Leaderboards

As with previous years, we've included leaderboards for TrueAchievements Score, Gamerscore, Achievements Won and, for the purists, TA Difference.

We also have a Completed Games Leaderboard — this includes all the games finished during the year, irrespective of when you started them. As usual, you can change the completion DLC type from the Leaderboard Settings dropdown.

Filtering the 2021 Leaderboards: See how your friends did!

The leaderboard pages have all our usual filtering options, allowing you to filter by platform, genre, region and area! You can also easily find your position on the board by clicking the "..." button in the header and then the

Find my position link. It will take you to the page and scroll down automatically to show your position in all of its glory. Click the

Friends only link to show just you and your buddies.

England Leaderboard filtered to show only my Friends

Filtering the 2021 Leaderboards: Genre, Platform, and Location

We've included all the standard filtering options, so you can find your position for particular game genres, platforms, and even narrow the rankings down to region and country or state. 2020 Xbox Leaderboards

Share your positions

If, like Alyssiya, I came top of the 2021 England TrueAchievements Leaderboard for Battle Royale Games, I'd certainly want to show it off to the world, and we've made that as simple as possible, too.

Once you've used the

Find my position button, click the share icon next to your position to be shown the share panel:

Share your position

From here, you can share on Twitter, Reddit, email, or your even your TA friend feed. The shares look great, and link through directly to the correct leaderboard and position, like this:

We'll be sending out PMs tomorrow containing some of your most impressive leaderboard positions.

Let us know in the comments on which leaderboard(s) you managed to achieve your highest position. Do you think you can do even better in 2022?

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