Son Of Martinelli Throws In The Towel

(MENAFN- Newsroom Panama) Given the imminent extradition of his brother Luis Enrique, Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares has withdrawn the appeals he presented to prevent his delivery to the United States, where both are required for various crimes related to money laundering reports La Prensa.

"Because it suits my interests and having made the decision to submit to the extradition process passively, voluntarily and spontaneously, I request to desist from the constitutional action for Amparo," he stated in the withdrawal brief filed with the Guatemala Supreme Court

Denis Cuesy, lawyer for the Martinelli Linares, said that Ricardo Alberto made the decision to withdraw all the appeals that he had presented and that he is now waiting for the file to be transferred to the Fifth Court of Criminal Sentencing, Drug Trafficking and Environmental Crimes, which must certify the formal delivery to the United States.

This procedure has already been carried out in the Luis Enrique extradition process, which is settled in another court, , which already declared the delivery to the United States to be admissible, on April 25. The decision was ratified on June 21, by the First Chamber of the Court of Appeals.

Luis Enrique remains in the Mariscal Zavala military prison, like his brother, only waiting for the US embassy in Guatemala to indicate which day he will travel to the United States.

Ricardo Alberto would remain in the military prison since although he has withdrawn his resources, it is unlikely that he will be able to travel on the same flight or on the same date as his brother.

“When they give up extradition appeals, they always take time to resolve. In the case of an alleged Guatemalan drug trafficker [Haroldo Lorenzana], the withdrawal occurred in January and the hearing lasted until May, ”said Rony Rodríguez, from El Periódico de Guatemala.


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